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Arts Industries Policy Forum  Popular
Description: The Arts Industries Policy Forum serves the public policy process by examining cultural issues through a participant-driven, nonpartisan information exchange program structured to foster informed government decision making.
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Submitted on: Mar 27, 2007


Create Australia  Popular
Description: Create Australia was the former national industry training body for the cultural industries. It worked with industry, unions and a network of state and territory industry training advisory bodies, to ensure that the cultural industries received quality, relevant and accessible vocational education and training.
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Submitted on: Jul 20, 2006


Creative City Network of Canada  Popular
Description: An organization of people employed by municipalities across Canada working on arts, culture and heritage policy, planning, development and support.
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Submitted on: Aug 01, 2006


Creative Clusters  Popular
Description: The Creative Clusters Summit Conference supports the work of creative industry development professionals by enabling them to showcase their work, learn from each other, identify and articulate policy issues and connect to development resources.
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Submitted on: Feb 15, 2003


Creative Economy  Popular
Description: Creative Economy is a gateway to research and commentary on developments in Australia’s creative industries.
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Submitted on: Oct 12, 2006


Creative Europe  Popular
Description: Creative Europe presents the main results of a three year empirical and conceptual investigation into the challenges and practical problems of artists and other cultural actors from all corners of the continent Part III of Creative Europe is this website; an Internet companion to the printed publication housing summary profiles on creativity policies in 20 countries, articles written on challenges facing practitioners in different artistic fields and results from research carried out on the influence of foundations in the cultural field in certain regions of Europe. An extensive literature review of some 200 books, articles and journals classified according to 12 new codes is also posted.
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Submitted on: Feb 15, 2003


Creative Industries Cluster Study report (Australia)  Popular
Description: Large economic and cultural gains will be made possible by digital content production and applications development according to a report released today by the Acting Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Rod Kemp. The Stage One report on the Creative Industries Cluster Study provides preliminary analysis and mapping of the industries producing digital content and applications. The report identifies the key enterprises, their location and the productivity drivers and barriers. It also finds that cluster approaches potentially offer a means of addressing barriers and market failures in digital content and applications industries. The clusters have the potential to improve the efficiency and international competitiveness of these industries.
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Submitted on: Feb 12, 2003


Creative Industries Development Agency  Popular
Description: Creative Industries Development Agency (CIDA) specialise in helping to strengthen the contribution of the creative industries sector to every sector of a global economy, regionally, nationally and internationally.
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Submitted on: Jul 25, 2006


Creative Industries Development Partnership: Cities of St Petersburg, Helsinki and Manchester  Popular
Description: Cities of St Petersburg, Helsinki and Manchester initiated under the aegis of The Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum, the Partnership has been awarded a grant by the European Commission's Tacis Cross-Border Cooperation Programme. The fastest-growing economic sector in Europe is made up of SMEs whose business activity is based on individual creativity in the arts, on knowledge skills and talent. The Creative Industries Small and Medium Enterprise (CI SME) sector has been identified in EU countries as distinct, serving a key function in post-industrial economies and needing sector-specific training and support. The three-city partnership will bring the two EU cities' specialist expertise together with the excellent potential in this sector in St Petersburg.
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Submitted on: Feb 15, 2003


Creative Industries Development Strategy (Singapore)  Popular
Description: Creative Industries Development Strategy to propel the growth of Singapore’s Creative Economy and create new job possibilities for Singaporeans.
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Submitted on: Feb 15, 2003


Creative Industries UK  Popular
Description: Providing UK creative businesses with a portal to information that willl support them in the development of export strategies, enhancing their creativity, economic competitiveness and international collaboration.
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Submitted on: Feb 15, 2003


Creative New Zealand  Popular
Description: Creative New Zealand is the main arts development organisation in New Zealand. It consists of an Arts Council (its governing body), Te Waka Toi and the Arts Board (its decision-making bodies), and the Pacific Arts Committee (a committee of the Arts Board). Its staff work in Wellington (National Office), Auckland (Northern Office) and Christchurch (Southern Office). Creative New Zealand is a crown entity. Under the Arts Council of New Zealand Toi Aotearoa Act 1994, the organisation has a broad mandate. The arts are defined as spanning "all forms of creative and interpretative expression", ranging from the grassroots to the professional and institutional.
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Submitted on: Feb 15, 2003


Creative, Media and Arts Portal by the DCMS - UK  Popular
Description: Britain's creativity is flourishing as never before, whether in creative industries such as advertising or film, or in the visual and performing arts. Our art, artistry and expertise is valued all over the world - from Sir Norman Foster's new Reichstag building in Berlin to Dame Judi Dench's award-winning performance on Broadway in "Amy's View". The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) provides funding and support for the arts, media and creative industries.
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Submitted on: Feb 12, 2003  Popular
Description: Home of the Richard Florida Creativity Group
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Submitted on: Aug 01, 2006


Cultural Creatives Business Network  Popular
Description: The Cultural Creatives Business Network's mission is to create opportunities for Cultural Creatives in business to: * Find, nurture and grow their relationships with one another * Share their ideals in a supportive community * Imagine, think, create, catalyze and collaborate with one another in profitable ways * Develop new ways to serve our communities, humanity and our earth * Conduct business authentically, responsibly and successfully
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Submitted on: Jul 17, 2006


Forum on Creative Industries (UK)  Popular
Description: FOCI is a network of experienced professionals concerned to inform and influence the current debates around the creative industries - now given momentum by the high profile accorded the sector by the government. FOCI brings together a wide body of experience around local and regional policy; economic and social development; urban regeneration; academic research; cultural strategy; education and training; and industry-based initiatives - accumulated over the last 15 years of Creative Industry policy making.FOCI welcomes recent Government initiatives - talking to industry representatives and promoting the contribution of the sector to the economy, quality of life and the image of Britain abroad. We feel that a 'window of opportunity' has been opened by the new government for a policy dialogue with those involved in the creative industries. However, we also feel that the current emphasis on high profile industry figures, on the glamourous success stories, and the large scale national bodies runs the risk of ignoring the dynamic roots, the sources of energy that fuel the sector and the complex ecosystem in which they thrive.
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Submitted on: Feb 15, 2003


IdeasFactory (UK)  Popular
Description: Ideas Factory has been created with the aims of: * helping you make the first (or next!) more in your career * aiding you in your creative development * encouraging conversation with other creative people enabling you to exchange: * ideas * experience * knowledge * views
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Submitted on: Feb 15, 2003


Innovate - Centre of Expertise at the University of Plymouth  Popular
Description: We engage skills in design, 2D and 3D imaging, media and software applications, arts management, performance, curatorial practice and projects for the public realm. Innovate provides a range of services to the public and private sectors by utilising staff expertise from across the University especially in the Faculties of Arts and Technology. We are able to offer a range of imaginative solutions for turning ideas into viable projects with resources such as Rapid Prototyping and non-contact 3D scanning.
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Submitted on: Aug 01, 2006


JENKA - Creative Industries Network Scandinavia  Popular
Description: Jenka Creative Industries Network of Scandinavia consists of a number of Nordic partners including leading institutions, organizations and companies all working within or focusing on creative industries. That may be within; research, education, regional development, innovation, creating new products etc.

The core aim of the Jenka Nordic Network is to establish a leading position amongst the Nordic Countries within the knowledge field of Creative Industries by sharing knowledge and experiences across countries and sectors and by connection organizations and companies which are not usually in contact with each other. We believe that innovation and development will evolve from unconventional experiences and strong personal relations between the people working in this field.
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Submitted on: Aug 01, 2006


Media Arts Creative Industries Research Centre  Popular
Description: The Centre fosters innovation and development in these industries by forging links with business, government and communities to collaboratively develop and support research activities, and presenting and extending in the Creative Industries.
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Submitted on: Dec 06, 2006


Shanghai Creative Industry Center  Popular
Description: Shanghai Creative Industry Center’s mission is to be a platform that coordinates resources, formulates development targets and strategies, strengthens the guidance, promotes the assembly, and establishes a system.
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Submitted on: Nov 10, 2006


The Centre for Advanced Development in the Creative Industries (CADICI, Wales)  Popular
Description: The Centre for Advanced Development in the Creative Industries (CADICI) has developed from the work researching and implementing applied and advanced development practices in the creative industries. These developers have been involved in such areas as new technologies applications in the media, publishing, ICT and education, creative industries development and ecommerce. The Centre was among one of the first recipients in the UK of major awards (education/innovation awards) for work on digital disk technology and of national awards for R&D in film and new media technology. CADICI aims to actively promote and develop technology links between media, new media and the economy, between SMEs in the creative industries and in creative industries management, and between HE and FE providers.
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Submitted on: Feb 15, 2003


The Commarts Network / Creative Hotlist  Popular
Description: Founded in 1959, Communication Arts is the leading trade journal for visual communications and was the first major design publication to launch a Web presence in 1995. Part of the initial launch was a career section that included listings of jobs available and wanted. This section quickly became a premiere career resource for the professional creative marketplace. Several redesigns later, we realized that the most popular areas of our site had grown to where they could easily stand on their own. So, we decided to divide the content into three distinct sites. is an extension of the magazine; focuses on multimedia and technology and is a dedicated career site for creative professionals.
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Submitted on: Feb 15, 2003


Visual & Performing Arts Jamaica (VPAJ)  Popular
Description: A non-profit organisation which has a mandate to foster the competitiveness of Jamaica’s creative industries.
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Submitted on: Mar 03, 2011


VLC litoral - Architecture & Urbanism  Popular
Description: Valencia Litoral is a proposal for the urban development of Valencia's seaboard. It is led by the architect Jean Nouvel, in collaboration with the town planner and sociologist José Miguel Iribas and a group of prestigious Spanish architects and town planners. Important national and international architects like Alberto Campo Baeza, Peter Cook, Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, Salvador Perez Arroyo, Renzo Piano, Frank O. Gehry and Ben Van Berkel, among others, also support this project. (in English, French, Spanish and Valencian Catalan)
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Submitted on: Feb 13, 2006


Your Creative Future  Popular
Description: Your Creative Future is a platform to education and career opportunities in the creative industries, which offers available careers, interviews, links, publication and other sources of information.
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Submitted on: Feb 07, 2007


ZKM – Cultural Factory for the Digital Era  Popular
Description: The ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe is a worldwide unique cultural institution. The ZKM has consistently created a network bringing together the arts and the new media. It unites the fields of research and production, exhibitions, events and documentation under one roof: the Media Museum, the Museum for Contemporary Art, the Media Library, the Media Theater, the Institute for Visual Media, the Institute for Music and Acoustics, the Institute for Basic Research and the Institute for Media and Economics enable the ZKM to develop interdisciplinary projects and international cooperations.
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Submitted on: Aug 01, 2006