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National Academy of Art Bulgaria  Popular
Description: The National Academy of Art was founded in 1896 as a State School of Drawing, on a legislation suggested by three outstanding Bulgarian public figures, the artists Ivan Mrkvicka and Anton Mitov, and the historian Dr. Ivan Shishmanov. The buildings of the National Academy of Art house numerous lecture halls, studios, laboratories, workshops, a museum, a computer centre, and a library with two branches; administration premises, a gymnasium and cafes. The academy has nearly 1000 students in different specialisms in visual arts, history of art and design. The academy also has 130 foreign students and 35 Bulgarian and foreign doctoral students. The National Academy of Art has two departments, of Visual Arts and of Applied Arts. The chairs in both departments are responsible for teaching and research, and for the development and implementation of the curricula in the following fields where students acquire professional university degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts.
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