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Description: TerminArtors is the first community-based interactive painting gallery in the world. From the medieval era to the most recent trends, you will find tens of thousands of carefully categorized paintings, artists, and museums. Whether you are an art student trying to find, for example, a German cubist nude portrait, an art professional looking for advanced statistics, an artist ready to show your work to the world, a traveler looking to check out the local art scene, or maybe just an art aficionado who is passionate about some of humanity’s greatest achievements, you will certainly enjoy visiting our site. What makes TerminArtors unique, beyond the huge database and powerful search tools, is its community nature, which allows anyone to upload new paintings, artists and museums, to comment on works, to open forums, and to discuss exciting topics with fellow art enthusiasts. You can also start a blog, create your own galleries, and generally, enjoy a great community of art lovers from all around the world. Our core philosophy about art is simple, but powerful. We live in a wide variety of cultures and societies. Our values are also different and, sadly, many times conflicting in one way or another. Art is one of the few achievements of mankind that is generally and widely accepted and appreciated. Art is universal, powerful, and makes us more human. Instead of dividing, art, at its best, brings us together in enjoyment and understanding. Art is the universal language. TerminArtors is an art site.
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