Call for Proposals for Classical:NEXT 2015

The call for programming proposals for Classical:NEXT 2015, to be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from Wednesday, 20 - Saturday, 23 May 2015, has officially opened. Professionals from across the world concerned with classical and art music are encouraged to submit their ideas, projects or music as well as put forward innovative and interactive conference formats.

After three successful editions, Classical:NEXT has established itself as the event for progressive themes in classical and art music, with its emphasis on mutual collaboration allowing those active within the genre to play a role in developing its future. In 2015, the event will once again be shaped by delegates with Classical:NEXT Director, Jennifer Dautermann, calling on everyone to take part. "Classical:NEXT is, by design, a collective process with input from the international music community every step of the way. The concepts and artists put forward year-after-year continue to broaden in scope and we look forward to seeing the suggestions for next year's programme."

Submission Deadline 26 September 2014
. Following this date, the Classical:NEXT jury, an independent group comprised of five experts from within the classical and art music world, will meet to make the programming selection.

Proposals are being accepted in the following three categories:

Live Showcases
With a focus on groundbreaking approaches, soloists and ensembles perform for Classical:NEXT delegates and the general public in short evening concerts of 30 minutes each. Proposals that one normally will not find on the traditional competition circuit are particularly encouraged. These might use unusual concert formats, audience interaction, multimedia or unconventional techniques and inspirations. The jury will be looking for "the NEXT"!

Video Showcases & Project Pitches
Video showcases have the same purpose as live showcases and also last up to 30 minutes. However, using video to present allows large ensembles or staged productions a showcase opportunity with a minimum of fuss or expense.

Project pitches are lightning quick "find and seek" sessions. Make a pitch to the international classical community to try and find a partner, a funder, a record label or whatever it is you might seek. For a total of 9 minutes, show the audience what you've got using video, power point or just your own powers of persuasion!

Conference Sessions
The conference programme covers both business and creative themes, featuring today's burning issues and paths forward into tomorrow. Subjects must be of relevance to multiple sectors. Interactivity and audience participation are highly desired. The conference section of Classical:NEXT can include numerous formats including discussions, brainstorming and/or networking sessions, mentoring and presentations.

Classical:NEXT - the Global Meeting for ALL art music Innovators - brings the diverse scenes of classical music together and offers them a forum to exchange and develop new ideas around classical music. Today Classical:NEXT ist the world's most important classical music meeting. Since its first edition in 2012, Classical:NEXT unites and helps classical music professionals from all sectors and approaches to see the bigger picture and work on hands-on solutions for today's issues, to find new partners, to discuss what works and what needs to be changed and how.

Classical:NEXT offers an open platform, a real-life meeting which is inspired by web 2.0 communication: it is the delegates themselves who design the programme. Therefore, all partners and participants are encouraged to suggest themes and propose content that fulfills their needs and wishes. An international jury makes their selection out of these proposals. The showcases and large parts of the conference are selected from proposals from the community.

More information on proposals for Classical:NEXT 2015:

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