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CfP: Arts and Culture. Building Capability and Creating Value

The International Conference of Social Theory, Politics and the Arts (STP&A) is an interdisciplinary gathering of researchers, policy-makers and practitioners that explores key trends, practices and policy issues affecting the arts around the world. It aims to foster a cross-cultural dialogue focusing on contemporary issues in arts and culture. The theme of this conference is "Arts and Culture: Building Capabilities and Creating Value". It wants to explore how individuals, organisations and institutions can expand and strengthen the capability of the arts and cultural sectors to create value for different stakeholders in society.

Report: European Standard Occupational Profile of the Audience Developer

The ADESTE report on "European Occupational Standard Profile of the Audience Developer" presents the knowledge, skills, competences, and personal attributes of an "Audience Developer". Based on interviews, national, European, and international focus groups, the project consortium gained first-hand insight from experts and practitioners active in the field of arts, culture, training and education in 11 countries.

CfP: Inclusion of immigrants in the cultural policy mainstream

One major problem faced by immigrants and their descendants when entering the arts in their host countries has been the marginalisation of their artistic works. Only since the late 1990s there has been a change in cultural policies towards the inclusion of migrants into the artistic mainstream. However, some major cultural institutions initiated more inclusionary programmes even before state and city governments changed their policies. The new trend towards the inclusion of migrants in the cultural and artistic mainstream will be central to the workshop "Inclusion of immigrants in the cultural policy mainstream".

PhD Summer School: Critical Studies in the Art Market

Once a year the Zeppelin University Graduate Schhol offers a Summer School on selected topics essential to culture and society. Renowned international scientists discuss possible solutions to far-reaching questions in and between the fields of economics, politics, and culture with PhD candidates from all over the world. This year the Summer School's issue is "Critical Studies in the Art Market". The art market is often described in terms of its superlatives: the record prices, the „bubbles”. Anecdotes of super-rich collectors dominate the public perceptions of the art market. Yet, despite its ubiquity within the media, only a limited number of art historians, economists and sociologists have dealt specifically with the art market and its history. Recently, however, there has been a realization that the art market is a field of study in itself: one that requires new forms of research. The demand for expertise in this field is rising consistently. New Masters’ programs that promise novel insights into the history of collecting and trading art have emerged and extended worldwide. Students enter these programs seeking a systematic understanding and knowledge beyond those of the anecdotal. The 3rd PhD Summer School will take place from 15 - 19 June 2015 at Lake Constance, Campus Seemooser Horn.

Course: Sustainable NGOs

Sustainable NGOs is part of the LLP project "YesYouCan – How to support the cultural activities of disadvantaged groups". It is inviting organisations in the field of culture management especially those involved in training. Organisations can request funds from the National Agency of Erasmus+ of their country to travel and participate in the course. This initiative started following the involvement of VisMedNet - an organisation that is sustained by corporate partner organisations from a variety of sectors from various countries around Europe in the field of training and education, employment and project management.


The first Noted Innovation Fellowship for young Classical Music managers

The classical and contemporary music marketing agency WildKat PR has announced the launch of The Noted Innovation Fellowship. It will introduce newcomers to leading arts mangers in order to progress their careers. Kathleen Alder, founder of WildKat PR, has identified an interesting phenomenon in the classical music industry: There is a lot of financial support, encouragement and interest in finding the next big thing or prominent young artist to be on stage. But there is very little support for finding the youth and fresh thinking off stage. She feels that there is much more potential to attract new audiences and keep the industry alive. The formula of bringing innovative ideas, new technology, and youth passion is what has made WildKat PR one of the key agencies in the performing arts sector. Kathleen actively encourages hiring young staff with a passion for classical music and the arts. With this fellowship, she aims to educate and inspire a new generation of diverse and creative cultural leaders.

Management Topic: Education & Development
Cultural Area: Music+Concert
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Jan 15, 2015

CfP for the 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association

The 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association (ESA) 2015 will be held in Prague from Tuesday 25th August to Friday 28th August. The theme for the conference is 'Differences, Inequalities and Sociological Imagination'. A profound challenge that the social sciences, and sociology in particular, are now called upon to confront has to do with the depth and extraordinary acceleration of global processes of social and cultural change. The major issues that the global sociological community now has the responsibility to tackle arise from the exponential increase in social inequalities. Recognising and acknowledging the multiple expressions of difference are vital when it comes to gaining insight into the ‘multiple positioning’ that characterises contemporary individuals. And this entails rethinking the meaning of integration today. We need to work together to examine the intricate interweave of social, cultural, economic and political dynamics contained in the processes of change occurring in the twenty-first century. The ESA-conference has always been open to all areas of the sociology, also of the arts, since the Research Network aims to bring together researchers and supporting interchange and mutual learning. For this reason, we invite experienced and young scholars from various disciplines submit papers until February 1st 2015.


Management Topic: Policy & Research
Cultural Area: Public+Academic Sector
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Jan 13, 2015

Arts Management Network Newsletter No. 120: Arts and Culture in the Near East

The Tower of Babel or the Arabian Nights: The cultural background of the historical Near East seems almost magical. The contrast with its modern counterpart could hardly be more striking, where armed conflicts and religious fervour alternate with western oriented luxury. But how about Arts and Culture during this times of crisis, conflicts and change?

Management Topic: Education & Development
Cultural Area: General
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Dec 18, 2014

Review on the 6th Culture Invest Congress

Berlin was host once again to the Culture Invest Congress, which calls itself the "largest industry get-together for cultural institutions and culture investors". Well, with over 50 presenting partners, 100 presentations and 36 panel discussions all crammed into 2 intensive days, it may very well be the largest in Europe. More than anything else, the congress was an opportunity, as usual, to network and find out who is doing what and how. Zenaida des Aubris concentrated on the funding and sponsorship presentations.

Management Topic: Education & Development
Cultural Area: General
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Dec 11, 2014

Call for Papers Vienna Music Business Research Days 2015

The 6th Vienna Music Business Research Days will be held at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria, from September 29 to October 01, 2015. Music Business Research is an interdiscipline at the intersection of economic, artistic, cultural, social, legal, technological and further developments which contribute to the creation/production, dissemination/ distribution and reception/consumption of music. This interdisciplinary nature calls for methodological multiplicity and is open to scholars from all scientific areas.

Management Topic: Policy & Research
Cultural Area: Music+Concert
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Dec 08, 2014
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