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CfP: Conference

The 9th Annual Conference of the Association of Cultural Management in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland will take place from 14 – 16 January 2016 at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, School of Management and Law, Winterthur, Switzerland and is addressing the multiple challenges in the evaluation of arts and other cultural projects, programs, organizations, and cultural policy.

Management Topic: Organisation & Leadership
Cultural Area: Public+Academic Sector
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Apr 24, 2015

CfP: Inaugural Conference on Cultural Political Economy

Cultural Political Economy (CPE) is an emerging and still developing trans-disciplinary approach oriented to post-disciplinary horizons. It is concerned with making ‘cultural turns’ in the study of political economy to enhance its interpretive and explanatory power. The two-day post-disciplinary conference will take place from 1 - 2 September 2015 in Lancaster University. It will give researchers and post-graduate students an opportunity to examine and debate the philosophical and methodological foundations of CPE and to explore its substantive implications for research. It invites discussion at the interface of ‘cultural turns’, critical realism, critical discourse analysis and political economy. Specifically, it focuses on the cultural (and semiotic) dimensions of political economy considered both as a field of inquiry and as an ensemble of social relations. In the light of multiple crises at many sites and scales in the global economic, political, and social order, the organizers invite papers that address theoretical or substantive aspects of the changing nature and dynamic of contemporary social formations and identities.

Management Topic: Policy & Research
Cultural Area: General
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Apr 20, 2015

CfP: International Symposium on Cultural Trajectories: Cultural Governance, What’s Next?

In the second half of the 20th century, movements of heritage conservation and political democratization made strong impacts on state cultural policies. Going through dialectic currents of cultural hegemony/counter-hegemony, elitism/pluralism, and the pursuit of civil and social rights, citizens around the world are drawing their attentions to the fulfillment of cultural rights. Agents’ positions on, and engagements in, cultural affairs are shaping the central concerns of cultural governance study today. Paper submissions are invited for the “2015 International Symposium on Cultural Trajectories: Cultural Governance, What’s Next?”, which is to be held at the Graduate School of Arts Management and Cultural Policy at National Taiwan University of Arts from November 13th to 15th 2015.

CfP: International conference Re-Do on culture and sustainability

On 28-31 October 2015, Aarhus University is hosting a conference on sustainability and culture's role in sustainable futures. The conference aims at facilitating new dialogues between academics and practitioners in which knowledge-sharing, learning and development is at the center. As much as presenting answers and worked-through solutions, the conference aims at asking questions and stimulating discussion and reflection.

Management Topic: Education & Development
Cultural Area: General
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Apr 15, 2015

Interview: Culture and Politics in Ecuador

The Institute for Cultural Concepts Hamburg talked with Christina Gleich about the cultural life as well as the status of cultural politics and management in Ecuador. Cristina is well-versed in its cultural sector as she studied Acting and Communication Sciences there, worked at the Goethe Center Quito and participated in a training program for cultural managers from the regions Mexico, Central America,the Caribbean, and South America. She currently has a scholarship at the University of Osnabrueck, Germany, for a Masters Degree in Management of Nonprofit Organizations.

Management Topic: Policy & Research
Cultural Area: General
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Apr 09, 2015

TANDEM Turkey goes for a third round!

The political landscape across the EU, Turkey and their neighbour regions has substantially changed since TANDEM Turkey-EU started with a pilot in 2011. In times of harshening working circumstances for cultural actors in Turkey and a vanishing EU integration perspective building robust long-term EU-Turkey collaboration channels become ever more essential. Cultural collaboration is important to create lasting connections between groups and communities. The TANDEM scheme facilitates creative innovation, and nurtures local cultural change-makers. TANDEM Turkeys intense international collaboration processes include realisation of a shared interdisciplinary project, linked to their cultural expertise. The latest call for applicants is for the Partner Forum in İzmir on 11-14 June, 2015.

CfP: 4th International Conference of Applied and Creative Arts 2015 (ICACA)

The forthcoming 4th International Conference of Applied and Creative Arts (ICACA) 2015 will be held from 22-23 October 2015 at DeTar Putra Banquet Hall, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). The theme of the 4th ICACA 2015 is ‘Bridging Academia to the Applied Arts & Creative Industries’. The conference is a platform for intellectual discourse on new ideas, products, services, activities and strategies in the applied arts and creative industries. Through the academic interactions, professionals with artistic and creative minds are able to form partnerships to harness creativity and innovation across organisations, institutions and industries, to create creative clusters with mutual gains. Hence, the 4th ICACA 2015 is an avenue for collaboration amongst professionals from academia, commercial industries, government sector and agencies, non-profit organisations, small and medium enterprises (SME) and individuals with interests in research and development, and commercialisation. Papers selected for the conference are from various areas associated with arts, design, film, animation and arts management.

CFP 2015 IACCM Conference: Contemporary Approaches In Training & Education For Cross-Cultural Competence

The 14th Annual Conference of the International Association of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management (IACCM) will take place at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien), 1-3 October 2015. This conference brings together scientists and practitioners alike in order to foster the dialogue between practice and theory in the cross-cultural field to discuss about contemporary Approaches In Training & Education For Cross-Cultural Competence – Potentials, Challenges and its Limits: theoretical foundations: old constructs, new frontiers?; Application of Cross-Cultural Theories in Teaching, Educational Context and Business Training; Power relations and their implications; Cultural intelligence.

Management Topic: Education & Development
Cultural Area: Public+Academic Sector
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Apr 01, 2015

CFP International Conference Montréal 2016: For and Against Models of Official Multiculturalism and Multilingualism

In May 2016, the international interdisciplinary conference “For and Against Models of Official Multiculturalism and Multilingualism” will welcome experts from a broad range of disciplines to exchange views on official multilingualism in national, regional and municipal contexts at McGill University Montreal. While official multilingualism promotes and protects equal linguistic rights in legislation, often the constitution, for historic and symbolic reasons official languages do not always enjoy equal status in practice. Unequal cultural and linguistic power relations have been studied by numerous scholars in various disciplines and are recognized as a major hurdle to achieving true equality. In anticipation of Canada’s 150th birthday as an officially bilingual country, the conference will invite scholars to present research findings on the challenges and successes of multilingualism.

Management Topic: Marketing & Communication
Cultural Area: General
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Mar 31, 2015

CfP: Arts and Culture. Building Capability and Creating Value

The International Conference of Social Theory, Politics and the Arts (STP&A) is an interdisciplinary gathering of researchers, policy-makers and practitioners that explores key trends, practices and policy issues affecting the arts around the world. It aims to foster a cross-cultural dialogue focusing on contemporary issues in arts and culture. The theme of this conference is "Arts and Culture: Building Capabilities and Creating Value". It wants to explore how individuals, organisations and institutions can expand and strengthen the capability of the arts and cultural sectors to create value for different stakeholders in society.

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