ICOM-ICTOP 2017 Conference: Curators and Communities: Training for Collaboration
Tuesday, October 10 2017 All Day

ICOM – ICTOP (International Council of Museums – International Committee for the Training of Personnel) is holding its annual conference from October 11-13 (extended programme October 10-15), 2017 in Windhoek, Namibia in cooperation with the Museum Association of Namibia as well as the ICOM Namibia, the University of Namibia, the National Museum of Namibia and the Finnish Museum Association as partners.

ICOM’s International Committee for the Training of Personnel was formally established in 1968. Its primary interest is a capacity building and its main aim is to promote trainings and professional development and to establish standards/guidelines for museum/heritage professionals throughout their careers. The Committee studies and provides information on museum/heritage education offerings, organises an annual meeting and specialised workshops, acts as an advisor for the establishment of syllabi and curriculum for museums/heritage studies and other trainings programmes and works closely with other ICOM Committees (and other international organisations from the field) to achieve aforementioned goals.

Programme at glance:

Monday, 9th October: Arrival in Windhoek (for Training workshop participants)
Tuesday, 10th October: One day Training Workshop (MAN/FMA) // Arrival in Windhoek (for conference participants)
Wednesday, 11th October: Morning Session = panels. Afternoon = panels + study visits
Thursday, 12th October: Morning Session = panels. Afternoon = panels + study visits
Friday, 13th October: Morning Session = panels. Afternoon = study visits & Gala Supper
Saturday, 14th October: Post conference tour (tbd)
Sunday, 15th October: Post conference tour (tbd)

Conference Fee & Registration
ICOM members: 275 Euro
Non-ICOM members: 325 Euro

To registrate, an online form can be used.

University of Namibia, Independence Memorial Museum,
National Museum of Namibia Owela Display Centre,
National Art Gallery of Namibia, Heroes Acre, Safari Hotel
Windhoek Namibia

Contact Information:
Darko Babic

Fee: 275 - 325