Sharing is Caring 2017 - Digitisation and social impact?
Monday, November 20 2017 All Day


The 5th international Sharing is Caring seminar will be held in Aarhus 19-21 November 2017.

Speakers, workshops, and programme are announced here on the website., so stay tuned!

The digitisation of cultural heritage collections has been going on for several decades now, promising unprecedented potentials for the GLAM sector to fulfil its public mission of opening up knowledge and culture to the participation and enjoyment of all citizens.

As stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 27.1,

Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.

The big question is, how can the GLAM sector demonstrate that we are achieving this ambition through the digitally powered public engagement efforts we have been developing on the base of digitisation?

Increasingly, politicians and funders are demanding numbers to show that the tax or private money spent on culture have tangible societal impact. How have people’s opportunities to learn, create and contribute to their culture and society improved after we started providing access to digitised collections? Is it even possible to produce hard evidence of such improvements?


To register the online-form can be used.
Registration no later than November 10th at 12.00

Who: Professionals in museums, archives and libraries, Wikipedians, start-ups, and users interested in cultural heritage and digital culture.

Helsingør Theater in The Old Town
ARoS Art Museum
Aarhus Denmark

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Fee: 1400 DKK - 2000 DKK