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Category: Overview / Cultural Areas / Museum & Heritage
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Museums 2000 : Politics, People, Professionals and Profit _POPULAR

AuthorPatrick J. Boylan (Editor)
ISBN: 0415071291
Description: The result of a debate organized by the Museums Association in 1989, between some of the world's leading museum professionals, active politicians, economists and marketing specialists, looking at real problems faced now and in the future. Museum and art galleries have never been so much in the news as they have been over the past decade. Yet public focus at both professional and non-specialist levels has been remarkable for what has been accidentally or deliberatley left out of recent debates. Moving beyond the narrow issues of professional practice, Museums 2000 probes the political, economic and cultural realities which affect museums today. Because the contributos are drawn from the museum profession and the wider political, academic and business community worldwide, the book is truly international, reflecting the issues which affect all museums.

Table of Content
1 Museums 2000 and the future of museums 2 Opening address: Museums 2000 3 Politics and museums 1: Politics and the role of museums in the rescue of identity 4 Politics and museums 2: Art and politics 5 People and museums 1: 'Reading' museums 6 People and museums 2: People's participation in science museums 7 Professionals and museums 1: Museum professionals - the endangered species 8 Professionals and museums 2: Rambling reflections of a museum man 9 Profit and museums 1: Funding, sponsorship and corporate support 10 Profit and museums 2: Options and unique commercial opportunities for museums now and in the future Speakers and panel members Index

Reviews ` times profound, passionate, provocative...should be read by everyone interested in the future of museums.' ARTnews
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