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Lobbying for Public and School Libraries: A Historical and Political Playbook _POPULAR

AuthorRichard Sweeney Halsey
ISBN: 0810847833
Description: Ever wonder how major league lobbies (e.g., conservationists, gun owners, seniors, anti-tax groups, and health care industry) gain legislator's attention? How grassroots groups get started? Would you like to learn how to increase credibility and clout with your communities, boards, local officials, and state legislators? If so, look no further, for here is the first comprehensive lobbying handbook for advocates of public and school libraries and information services.
Among the topics covered: an overview of public interest and library lobbying from 1808 to the present day; the lobbying activities of major organizations and pioneering advocates; detailed advice on planning, organizing, and building legislative agendas; game plans for waging and winning political support; how to organize a library legislation day, posting and publicizing voting records; campaign war chest contributions; the preparation and delivery of testimony; and the proper handling of communications with newspapers and the electronic media. Also included are field reports from successful school and public library activists, and a listing of thirty critical issues facing library and information services in the 21st century.
An essential guide for all citizen activists and professional librarians who want to defend, protect, and improve library and information services during economic downturns as well as during "boom" times.

Richard S. Halsey was a library school dean from 1980 until 1993, and served as secretary of New York State Common Cause, executive director of the Citizens' Library Council of New York State, and chair of the Committee for the New York State Library.
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