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Essential Theatre. The successful management of theatres and venues _POPULAR

AuthorCrispin Raymond
ISBN: 0728707837
Description: This offers an up to date and comprehensive analysis of presenting theatre management today. It is based upon current good practice, and is particularly suited to those who are new to the area of work. You can follow the introductions and red print sections and get a broad feel for the essence of venue management in an hour of skim reading, and then return to it for further detail, and endless good ideas.


Commissioned by the Touring Department of ACE (who have produced a small library of good reading material over the years) and no doubt set to become an industry standard, this is a fabulous book. I'm one of those arts managers who never had any training and so had to make it up as 1 went along - and how 1 could then (and still now) have used a book like this. It is a straightforward guide to running a presenting theatre nothing more and nothing less. It doesn't preach or patronise and it doesn't overcomplicate. What it does do, in clear and concise language, is consider the many problems and opportunities that one faces in this job on a daily basis. It doesn't pretend to have all the answers; indeed, the most common subheading is "consider the following suggestions:' and these suggestions are then given in a way that makes them seem possible and achievable.
It is a real book about real life issues (there is one section titled 'appoint the theatre director with the utmost care' - very wise advice) and there is much to be learned from it, regardless of your experience. Even though (or because) it is so down to earth it is also surprisingly inspiring.
I'm told that it is accessible on the lnternet and that you can search it automatically. 1 couldn't actually find it via the ACE website, and, whilst I'm sure this kind of use is fine, it is really a book for a train journey - probably on the way to an ACE meeting. --a reader from London
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