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Category: Overview / Management Topics / Event & Venue Management
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Events Management _POPULAR

AuthorGlenn Bowdin, Ian McDonnell, Johnny Allen, William O'Toole
ISBN: 0750647965
Description: This title aims to provide an introduction to the principles and practices associated with planning, managing and staging special events. It looks at the concepts involved with event planning such as management, stage and logistic management, marketing and promotion, event evaluation and reporting. The book introduces the concepts of special event planning and management and discusses the key areas required for staging an event, covering the whole process from creation to evaluation. It examines the event industry within its broader business context and provides a guide for effective event management for producers of special events. Each chapter contains learning objectives and review questions to consolidate learning, and case studies of real life events are used to illustrate key concepts. These include: The Edinburgh Festival, Glastonbury, Notting Hill Carnival, Open Golf Championship and the Cheltenham Festival.

Butterworth-Heinemann, June 2001, Paperback, 312 pages, ISBN: 0750647965
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