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Category: Overview / Cultural Areas / Visual & Fine Arts
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Understanding International Art Markets And Management _POPULAR

AuthorIain Robertson
ISBN: 041533957X
Description: This ground-breaking text brings together experts in the field of visual art markets to answer some fundamental questions:

  • Is art a good investment?
  • Why is the art market dominated by America and Western Europe?
  • Where are the key emerging markets and what are the next good buys in art?
    Providing readers with an understanding of the challenges facing art market 'makers' (dealers, auctioneers, collectors and artists) and the decision-making process experienced by market 'players' and investors, this exciting text merges the key theories with examples of practice in a highly accessible style.

    Written by an international array of experts from the US, the UK and China, this book is essential reading for all those studying or interested in art markets and management.

    1. Introduction 2. A Hybrid Discipline: International arts management Eric Moody 3. Religion, History, Money Iain Robertson 4. The International Art Market Iain Robertson 5. Tax Matters Renee Pfsiter 6. Putting a Price to Art Iain Robertson 7. The American Art Market Joan Jeffri 8. Emerging Art Markets Iain Robertson 9. World Taste in Chinese Art James Spencer 10. International and National Control of the Illicit Trade in Works of Art and Antiquities Patrick Boylan 11. Current Concerns in the Art Market and Arts Management Iain Robertson 12. Business and Network Models Employed to Explain the Art Market Derrick Chong 13. Conclusion

    Iain Roberston is a lecturer in arts policy and management at City University. He is a member of The National Art Collections Fund and Association Internationale des Critique d'Art. He is an adviser to the Asia Art Archive and responsible for information on Asian art developments in London.

    Paperback: 280 pages
    Publisher: Routledge (July 1, 2005)

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