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Get Sorted (Youth Arts Projects) _POPULAR

AuthorRuth Jones, Myra Bennet (Editor), Emma House
ISBN: 0954775104
Description: Complete Title: Get Sorted: How to Get Organised,Sort the Budget and Go for Funding for Your Youth Arts Project

A practical, easy to use, resourceful guide covering all you need to know to run a successful youth arts project, complimenting the Artsplan GET SORTED series of training courses, written by Ruth Jones, previously Director of Artswork. A woman who knows how to get funding, since starting a career in youth arts in the 1980’s Ruth has successfully fundraised for a vast array of projects. From the very small to the very large she has put together irresistible funding applications and secured grants ranging from £50 to £250,000. She is, in short, someone who knows what she’s talking about!

"This is an essential guide, and should be in every fundraiser’s travel bag... and it would do some funders good to read it too!" Rick Hall, NESTA
Paperback 96 pages (May 22, 2004)
Publisher: Artsplan Publications, a Division of Artswork
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