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Arts Council of Finland  Popular
Description: The principal purpose of the Arts Council of Finland institution is to promote art, create and develop art policies and conduct research in the field. It also supports on the basis of the artistic quality of artworks, activities or projects as well as their culture political significance.
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Submitted on: Feb 16, 2007


Foundation for Cultural Policy Research  Popular
Description: The Foundation for Cultural Policy Research was founded in 2002. Its purpose is to monitor developments in both Finnish and international cultural policy and to promote research in the field.
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Submitted on: Feb 16, 2007  Popular
Description: aims to include all Internet links related to Finnish culture: artists, associations, media, organisations, specialist services and so on. is the product of a working group set up by five cultural organisations: Finland Festivals, The Finnish Museums' Association, The Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras, The Artists' Association of Finland and The Finnish Theatre Information Centre.
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Submitted on: Feb 19, 2003


The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes  Popular
Description: The network of the Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes comprises a total of 17 independent institutes. The institutes focus on promoting different areas of Finnish culture, art, science and academic expertise in their respective country of operation.
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Submitted on: Feb 14, 2007


Tuotos  Popular
Description: Founded in 1998, Tuotos is a Copyright association for audiovisual producers in Finland. It aims to improve the administration of film producers' copyrights.
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Submitted on: Feb 14, 2007