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Arts Management Resources for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and other British resources.

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Agents' Association, Great Britain  Popular
Description: The Entertainment Agents' Association Ltd, nowadays trading as The Agents' Association (Great Britain), was established in 1927 to represent and enhance the interests of entertainment agents in the United Kingdom. It aims: to induce unity of action; to prevent abuses by all reasonable means; to promote and maintain a friendly, professional and harmonious relationship between fellow Members and with musicians, artistes, other performers and all buyers of talent and entertainment services.
Hits: 2262
Submitted on: Jul 05, 2006


Arts Council of Northern Ireland  Popular
Description: The Arts Council is the lead development agency for the arts in Northern Ireland. It is the main support for artists and arts organisations, offering a broad range of funding opportunities through our Exchequer and National Lottery funds.
Hits: 2050
Submitted on: Jul 03, 2006


Arts Council of Wales  Popular
Description: The Arts Council of Wales (ACW) supports arts activity and facilities through money from the Welsh Assembly Government, local government and the National Lottery.
Hits: 1251
Submitted on: Aug 04, 2006


Association for Heritage Interpretation  Popular
Description: Association for Heritage Interpretation (AHI) is the key UK forum for anyone interested in interpretation: the art of helping people explore and appreciate our world. AHI aims to promote high standards in the provision of interpretation and to gain wider recognition of interpretation as a professional activity. The Association was founded in 1975 as the Society for the Interpretation of Britain's Heritage.
It runs events where people can meet other interpreters, publish a lively journal three times a year that will keep you up to date with current thinking and practice, and run a respected awards scheme.
Hits: 1714
Submitted on: Jun 21, 2006


Audience Data  Popular
Description: Audience Data UK (ADUK) is a joint initiative between the Arts Councils of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Its aim is to help people who work in the arts to make use of data and information about audiences. It provides guidance and clarification on collecting, processing, analysing and interpreting all that data. In addtion, it hopes that this advice will help individuals and organisations to work more effectively and efficiently.
Hits: 2113
Submitted on: Jul 03, 2006


British Association for Performing Arts Medicine  Popular
Description: The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) is a registered charity, founded in 1984. It is a helpline providing advice and information on medical issues to performing artists.
Hits: 3541
Submitted on: Sep 21, 2006


British Music Rights  Popular
Description: British Music Rights is an umbrella organisation which represents the interests of composers, songwriters and music publishers. Formed in 1996 by the British Academy of Composers & Songwriters, the Music Publishers Association (MPA), the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) and the Performing Right Society (PRS), British Music Rights provides a consensus voice promoting the interests of creators and publishers of music at all levels.
Hits: 2461
Submitted on: May 24, 2006


Centre for Creative Communities  Popular
Description: The Centre for Creative Communities believes that the arts and creativity are central to human development and essential elements in building sustainable communities. It helps people to form and challenge values and to develop an awareness of their environment.
Hits: 1733
Submitted on: Jul 26, 2006


Centre for Performance Research  Popular
Description: Established in 1988, the Centre for Performance Research is a theatre organization based in Wales and working internationally. It produces: innovative performance work; arranges workshops, conferences, lectures and master classes; collaborates and exchanges with theatre companies of international significance; publishes and distributes theatre books and runs a multi-cultural performance resource centre.
Hits: 1907
Submitted on: Jun 27, 2006


Clore Leadership Programme  Popular
Description: The programme "Clore Leadership" is an initiative of the Clore Duffield Foundation, and its aim is to help to train and develop a new generation of leaders for the cultural sector here in the UK.
Hits: 2090
Submitted on: Jul 27, 2006


Collections Link  Popular
Description: Collections Link is the national collections management advisory service. Its main elements are:
- - An online library of best practice guides and factsheets
- A telephone and email advisory service
- A national database of training and skills development opportunities
- A commissioning fund to support the development of new resources
Hits: 5733
Submitted on: Jul 26, 2006


Creative & Cultural Skills  Popular
Description: Formed in 2004, Creative & Cultural Skills is an industry-led, campaigning organisation operating across the United Kingdom.
Hits: 1792
Submitted on: Oct 12, 2006


Creative Exchange  Popular
Description: Creative Exchange's vision is for a world where arts and culture play a significant role in human development. Due to that, it advances public education about ways in which arts and culture help poor and disadvantaged people improve their quality of life.
Hits: 2013
Submitted on: Dec 21, 2006


Creative Futures  Popular
Description: Creative Futures is a specialist careers resource for creative and performing arts, design & communications students and graduates to connect with arts and creative industry employers in Southern England. It was created as part of the CADISE Work Bureau Project, supported by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) through its Reach Out to Business and the Community (HEROBC) fund and the European Social Fund (ESF).
Hits: 2853
Submitted on: Jun 23, 2006


Creative Northern Ireland  Popular
Description: Creative Northern Ireland is an innovative online resource for the creative industries. This initiative is supported by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure and InvestNI.
The project aims to achieve the following:
  • To illustrate the depth and breadth of commercial and cultural creativity in Northern Ireland.
  • To provide mechanisms for debate and discussion about the future of the creative industries from a variety of perspectives.
  • To function as a creative medium in its own right using the internet as a collaborative tool between artists, animators, film-makers etc.
  • To provide mechanisms for creative people to publicise their work and to create national and international networks.
  • To be maintained and updated to reflect the constantly changing nature of creative practice and opportunity.
  • Hits: 4091
    Submitted on: Jul 03, 2006


    Creative Partnership  Popular
    Description: Creative Partnerships is the Government’s flagship creativity programme for schools and young people, managed by Arts Council England and funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Department for Education and Skills. It unlocks the creativity of learners and educators and develops creative approaches to teaching all aspects of the curriculum.
    Hits: 5313
    Submitted on: Jul 06, 2006


    Creative Partnerships in Education  Popular
    Description: Creative Partnerships in Education is an independent research and development agency focusing on creativity and learning. Its aims are to develop the creative potential and capacities of young people, to transform teaching and learning by placing creativity at the heart of the curriculum, to develop approaches to leadership and management which support creativity.
    Hits: 3531
    Submitted on: Aug 23, 2006


    Cultural Enterprise  Popular
    Description: Cultural Enterprise is the Business Support Agency for the Creative Industries in Wales. It produces, collects and researches a range of resources on: The Creative Sector – in Wales, the UK and beyond, Funding sources, Business Information, Alternative sources of advice and information, Sector Developments, Marketing, and Training and Professional Development.
    Hits: 4679
    Submitted on: Jul 20, 2006


    EUCLID  Popular
    Description: EUCLID has been working in a European and international context since 1993. EUCLID has developed the most comprehensive and user friendly European and international information services for the arts and cultural sector. Thousands of hits on the web-site, over 2,500 subscribers to our e-mail newsletter, several hundred subscribers to our DICE international bulletin of cultural research, and EUCLID's appointment as the official UK Cultural Contact Point have confirmed our leading role in the field.
    Hits: 2808
    Submitted on: Jul 31, 2002


    Heritage Lottery Fund  Popular
    Description: The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) was set up by Parliament in 1994 to give grants to a wide range of projects involving the local, regional and national heritage of the United Kingdom. HLF distributes a share of the money raised by the National Lottery for Good Causes.
    It is officially known as a ‘non-departmental public body’. This means that, although HLF is not a government department, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport issues financial directions to it and it reports to Parliament through the department. HLF's decisions about individual applications and policies are entirely independent.
    Hits: 1212
    Submitted on: Jun 21, 2006


    Live Art Development Agency  Popular
    Description: Launched in 1999, the Live Art Development Agency is the development organisation for Live Art in London, offering a portfolio of Resources, Schemes, Projects and Initiatives for the support and development of Live Art practices and discourses.
    The Live Art Development Agency is a small independent organisation, responsible to a Board of Directors, and supported by an International Advisory Board.
    Hits: 2599
    Submitted on: Jul 17, 2006


    Metier  Popular
    Description: Metier is the sector training organisation for the arts and entertainment industries. It is charged with leading the sector in issues relating to vocational training and education. The core of this work is the development and implementation of National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) and Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs).
    Hits: 2215
    Submitted on: Jul 31, 2002


    Ministry of Culture, Gibraltar  Popular
    Description: Gibraltar’s main cultural events are organised by the Ministry for Culture, and its main aim are:
  • To work with individuals and groups involved in the arts and cultural activities;
  • To extend the audience for, and participation in the arts;
  • To sustain and encourage the best possible standards of artistic practice;
  • To help artists and organisations to achieve organisational viability;
  • To maximise investment in the arts;
  • To build partnerships with the business sector and others to extend strategic support for the arts;
  • To build working relationships with other authorities abroad to widen the scope of artistic and cultural activities in Gibraltar.
  • Hits: 1835
    Submitted on: Jun 29, 2006


    Museum Documentation Association  Popular
    Description: Museum Documentation Association (MDA) is the UK's organisation on documentation and information management for museums. It provides advice, support and guidance to museum professionals to help them achieve national standards in the management of their collections. MDA is a registered charity, funded by a grant from the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA).
    Hits: 1824
    Submitted on: Jul 26, 2006


    Museums Copyright Group  Popular
    Description: The Museums Copyright Group was formed in 1996 to answer an increasing number of concerns about copyright expressed by professionals working in the museums and galleries community.
    Hits: 2039
    Submitted on: Jul 26, 2006


    Musicians Benevolent Fund  Popular
    Description: The Musicians Benevolent Fund helps around 1,500 people of any age and in any area of the music business who are in need as a result of illness, accident or other misfortune in UK. It also works closely with other charities and gives substantial financial help and support to the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine.
    Hits: 1011
    Submitted on: Mar 02, 2007


    National Campaign for the Arts  Popular
    Description: The mission of National Campaign for the Arts is to be the leading independent and UK-wide voice for the arts world in all its diversity. It provides a united voice for the arts, especially for arts organisations across the UK and for all artists, staff and volunteers who work in the arts.
    Hits: 1668
    Submitted on: Aug 29, 2006


    National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts  Popular
    Description: NESTA, the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, is working to transform the UK's capacity for innovation. It is a public endowment, and aims to pioneer ways of supporting and promoting talent, innovation and creativity in science, technology and the arts. It invests in a diverse range of people, including scientists, engineers, medical practitioners, educators, artists, writers, film-makers and musicians.
    Hits: 760
    Submitted on: Jul 17, 2006


    Northern Ireland Events  Popular
    Description: The Event's Company aim is to support the promotion of major events in Northern Ireland which have the potential to:

  • Impact positively on the image of Northern Ireland and in particular on the external image; and/or
  • Create opportunity for greater social cohesion; and/or
  • Bring direct or indirect economic benefits to Northern Ireland."
  • Hits: 2028
    Submitted on: Feb 15, 2006


    Northern Ireland Museums Council  Popular
    Description: The Northern Ireland Museums Council is a company with charitable status that was established under Ministerial order in 1993. It is managed by a Board, composed of representatives from the regional museums in Northern Ireland, the National Museums & Galleries of N. Ireland, District Councils in N. Ireland, nominees of the Minister of Culture, Arts & Leisure, a nominee of the universities in Northern Ireland, and representatives of the independent museums. The Council is principally funded by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure for Northern Ireland, although it also receives support for its work from its membership, a wide range of trusts, foundations and other grant bodies.
    Hits: 1979
    Submitted on: Feb 15, 2006


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