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The Big Idea  Popular
Description: The Big Idea is an online community of New Zealand's creative industries. It provides access to networks, industry news, current job opportunities, professional development, forums, international news and much more.
Hits: 7137
Submitted on: Mar 27, 2007


ART Search  Popular
Description: ART Search is a search engine, which provides access to people, businesses and websites in 3 main industries - Fine Art, Entertainment Arts and Crafts. It id also content publishers for other related websites.
Hits: 6754
Submitted on: Jan 11, 2007


Museums & Galleries NSW  Popular
Description: The mission of Museums & Galleries NSW is to support the strategic position and relevance of museums and galleries, and to be a network which contributes to the economic, social and cultural life of NSW, Australia.
Hits: 3367
Submitted on: Dec 21, 2006


Live Performance Australia  Popular
Description: Established in 1917 and registered as an employers’ organisation under the Workplace Relations Act 1996, Live Performance Australia’s activities centre around three core areas: Workplace Relations, Policy & Strategy and Membership Services & Events.
Hits: 2957
Submitted on: Nov 27, 2006


Cultural Development Network  Popular
Description: The Cultural Development Network is an independent non-profit group that links communities, artists, local councils and organisations across Victoria, Australia. Its goal is to promote ideas, relationships and policies that will enable community cultural development to thrive, especially in Victoria.
Hits: 2954
Submitted on: Jul 17, 2006


The Australian Institute of Music  Popular
Description: The Australian Institute of Music has been preparing young Australians for music careers since 1968. Since that time, it has evolved into the major independent music-education provider in Australia.
AIM courses are recognised throughout Australia for delivering exceptional music tuition and unique industry-focused programs.
Hits: 2914
Submitted on: May 09, 2006


OzArts Online  Popular
Description: OzArts Online is designed to be an appealing and accessible online service promoting contemporary Australian culture internationally, with a focus on events and activities being presented overseas.
Hits: 2581
Submitted on: Nov 21, 2006


Ministry for Culture & Heritage, Te Manatu Taonga  Popular
Description: The Ministry for Culture & Heritage is divided into seven operational units: Reference Group (including the Encyclopedia of New Zealand - Te Ara - and Dictionary of New Zealand Biography), History Group, Heritage Operations Unit, Agency Group, Policy Group, Stakeholder Communications and Corporate Services.
Hits: 2565
Submitted on: Jun 27, 2006


National Arts & Cultural Alliance  Popular
Description: National Arts & Cultural Alliance (NACA) is a national coalition of individuals, organisations, agencies and community groups involved in the areas of community cultural development, community arts, arts in a community context, and community-based art. Its formation, and its active role in disseminating information, stimulating debate and negotiating directly with Council regarding the current restructure process, has received wide spread endorsement from arts and cultural sector meetings across Australia.
Hits: 2453
Submitted on: Jul 20, 2006


Australian Interactive Media Industry Association  Popular
Description: Australian Interactive Media Industry Association provides promotional support for local companies, organises networking events and business opportunity forums, and conducting surveys into consumer behaviour, industry economics, and new business opportunities.
Hits: 2439
Submitted on: Mar 11, 2007


Arts Industry Council, Victoria  Popular
Description: The Arts Industry Council, Victoria was established as a non-profit organisation in 1989 as a peak industry body to enable all sectors of arts activity in Victoria to speak with a common voice. Its membership includes around 200 arts organisations ranging from arts practitioners and small to medium to large state cultural institutions. It researches and lobbies on behalf of its constituency and contribute to public debate by providing leadership and forums for discussion within the sector. The council focuses includes local, state and federal issues in Australia with a primary focus on state issues.
Hits: 2307
Submitted on: Jun 28, 2006


Australian Network for Art and Technology  Popular
Description: ANAT (Australian Network for Art and Technology) is a not for profit organisation based in Adelaide. It creates connections and collaborations across art, culture, science and technology. It is Australia's peak network and advocacy body for artists working with science and technology, creating opportunities for innovation, research and development both nationally and internationally.
Hits: 2168
Submitted on: Jul 20, 2006


Arts Management Advisory Group  Popular
Description: Established in 1981, Arts Management Advisory Group (AMAG) is a not-for-profit Incorporated Association. Its mission is to strengthen, support and stimulate the Victorian arts & cultural sector by providing development opportunities, an arts law referral service, an arts management advisory service and an active network of arts managers, practitioners, educators and students.
Hits: 2123
Submitted on: Jul 20, 2006


Queensland Community Arts Network  Popular
Description: Queensland Community Arts Network (QCAN) is a statewide community based service that supports and promotes community cultural development practice. It creates links between groups, supports the skills development of our members and ensures they have access to ideas, resources and information.
Hits: 1960
Submitted on: Jun 21, 2006


Artbank  Popular
Description: Artbank is a fully self-funding art rental program of the Australian Government Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts which was established in 1980 to reinvest its revenues back into Australian art and culture.
Its vision is to encourage excellence in contemporary Australian visual arts, and to foster the appreciation and development of living Australian culture through the acquisition, promotion and access to artworks of outstanding artistic achievement
Hits: 1951
Submitted on: Jun 14, 2006


ARTS Australia  Popular
Description: ARTS Australia consultant Tim Roberts, provides specialist Marketing Services to Cultural, Entertainment and Arts organisations internationally.
Hits: 1935
Submitted on: Nov 29, 2006


Evaluation and Visitor Research Special Interest Group of Museums Australia  Popular
Description: The Evaluation and Visitor Research Special Interest Group (EVRSIG), established in 1996, is a group of museum professionals dedicated to advocating for the visitor voice within museum practice.

EVRSIG recognises that:
1. The visitor is a joint partner in the interpretation of culture
2. Evaluation and visitor research is integral to the practice of the new museology
3. Visitor evaluation and research is a rapidly developing field in Australasia
4. There is a need for a professional forum through which theory, methodology and findings are shared and standards of practice established.
Hits: 1903
Submitted on: Jun 01, 2006


Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Australia  Popular
Description: The Department's vision is that Australia will continue to develop world-class communications and information technology that will build on the creativity of our people and the opportunities provided by new technologies, to enrich the economic and social wellbeing of all Australians.
Hits: 1658
Submitted on: Jun 27, 2006


National Association for the Visual Arts  Popular
Description: National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) is the owner and author of this website. Established in 1983, NAVA is the peak body representing the professional interests of the Australian visual arts and craft sector through advocacy, representation and service provision. Information is provided about NAVA, its grants, products, services and membership.
Hits: 1534
Submitted on: May 24, 2006


Arts Tasmania  Popular
Description: Arts Tasmania forms part of the Department of Tourism, Arts and the Environment. It has responsibility for the development of integrated policy and planning for arts and culture in Tasmania.
Hits: 1508
Submitted on: Jul 26, 2006


Young People and the Arts Australia  Popular
Description: Young People and the Arts Australia is a national association representing and promoting arts organisations and artists whose work primarily focuses on engaging children and young people in the arts.
Hits: 1317
Submitted on: Nov 10, 2006


Craft Australia  Popular
Description: Craft Australia is the national advocacy body for contemporary craft and design in Australia.
Hits: 1303
Submitted on: Mar 24, 2008


Collections Australia Network (CAN)  Popular
Description: In 2004 the Cultural Ministers Council (CMC), through the Australian Government Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA) provided the funds for the redevelopment of the Australian Museums and Galleries On Line ( website. The CMC is a joint initiative of the Australian Government and Australian State and Territory Governments in partnership with the Australian cultural sector. The Collections Australia Network (CAN) portal is intended to be the public gateway to collecting institutions across Australia including the small to medium regional institutions.
Hits: 1211
Submitted on: Feb 28, 2008


Arts Law Centre of Australia  Popular
Description: The Arts Law Centre of Australia is the national community legal centre for the arts. Arts Law is a not for profit company limited by guarantee which was established with the support of the Australia Council in 1983 to provide specialised legal and business advice and referral services, professional development resources and advocacy for artists and arts organisations.
Hits: 1117
Submitted on: Nov 19, 2007


Culture and Recreation Australia  Popular
Description: The Culture and Recreation Portal provides access to online services and information in the fields of culture and recreation, from all levels of government and the non-government sector. We provide access and search facilities for over 2,500 Australian sites.
Hits: 1084
Submitted on: Aug 27, 2003


Australia Council for the Arts  Popular
Description: The Australia Council is the Australian Government's arts funding and advisory body. It directly supports young, emerging and established artists, as well as new and established organisations.
Hits: 965
Submitted on: Feb 15, 2006