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European Association of Artist Managers  Popular
Description: The Association Européene des Agents Artistiques (AEAA) was founded in Paris in December 1947 by a group of artist managers, concert agents and impresarios from five European countries. The principal reason for the meeting in Paris was to establish an official professional organization in their field which would enhance the public status of their business.
The AEAA has over 100 members from almost every European country. The Association presents an annual General Assembly for its members, often combined with round tables presenting outstanding guests and speakers. These meeting have been convened in all principal European cities.
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Submitted on: Sep 02, 2003


European Music Council  Popular
Description: The European Music Council (EMC) is a Regional Group of the International Music Council (IMC). It was formed upon request of the Director General of UNESCO as the advisory body to the agency on music matters.
Its mission is to contributes to a better mutual understanding among peoples and their different cultures and to the right for all musical cultures to coexist. Therefore it provides exceptional value to its membership by building knowledge, creating networking opportunities, supporting and enhancing the visibility of initiatives that help sustain people’s participation in music and cultural life.
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Submitted on: Jun 21, 2006


Hong Kong Jazz Association  Popular
Description: Hong Kong Jazz Association (HKJA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting jazz music in the Chinese communities. It supports artists and promote jazz education. All jazz musicians or organizations are welcome to contact HKJA for organizing functions in Hong Kong and China. Cultural exchange with Hong Kong Jazz musicians are also encouraged.
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Submitted on: Feb 10, 2003


i-Music Production Guide  Popular
Description: The largest data base of music industry related web information in over 50 countries.
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Submitted on: Apr 09, 2003


International Artist Manager's Association (IAMA)  Popular
Description: The leading worldwide association for classical music artist managers and concert agents. We are regular reporting about the annual conferences of IAMA.
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Submitted on: Jul 31, 2002


International Association of Music Information Centres  Popular
Description: The International Association of Music Information Centres is an international network of organisations which document and promote the music of their country or region or a certain musical field. Every year, it organises a major conference, hosted in a different country.
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Submitted on: Mar 11, 2007


International Music Managers Forum  Popular
Description: The International Music Managers Forum (MMF) was founded in the UK in 1992. The formation of the MMF has given managers an opportunity for sharing and learning and also a much-needed voice within the industry. The forum has provided a chance for meaningful dialogue with the Government and other industry organisations as well as between managers themselves.
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Submitted on: Jun 21, 2006


International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA)  Popular
Description: ISPA is a not-for-profit international organization (founded 1949) of over 600 executives and directors of concert and performance halls, festivals, performing companies, and artist competitions; government cultural officials; artists' managers; and other interested parties with a professional involvement in the performing arts from more than 50 countries in every region of the world, and in every arts discipline.
The purpose of ISPA is to develop, nurture, energize and educate an international network of arts leaders and professionals who are dedicated to advancing the field of the performing arts.
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Submitted on: Jul 31, 2002


Music Council of Australia  Popular
Description: The MCA is a 50-member national peak music organisation for Australia. Its members include nominees of major national music organisations, and distinguished individuals expert in various aspects of music. The membership structure is designed to ensure representation from a broad range of musical styles, the various levels of music education, and the many ways of documenting music and bringing it before its audiences.
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Submitted on: Sep 02, 2003


Music Publishers' Association  Popular
Description: The Music Publishers' Association was founded in 1895, it:
* Serves as a forum for publishers to address the music industry's vital issues.
* Is actively involved in supporting and advancing compliance with the copyright law and, combating copyright infringement.
* Advocates the protection of intellectual property rights in the legal and legislative arena.
* Keeps its members informed of new laws, decisions, and regulations affecting the industry.
* Keeps its members informed of the latest technology and systems being used for engraving, printing, distribution and licensing.
* Produces and distributes copyright education materials, music industry reference lists and, various other brochures and guidelines on topics relevant to music publishers for its members and the music community at large.
* Facilitates communication among publishers, dealers, music educators, and all ultimate users of music.
* Seeks to provide solutions to critical issues within the music community.
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Submitted on: Jun 26, 2006


Musical America  Popular
Description: Musical America has been an industry standard for over a century. And, as a respected presence in the industry, the Directory has facilitated lasting and important relationships with leading performing arts professionals.

The annual print publication features over 14,000 detailed listings of worldwide arts organizations, which include key contact information such as name, address, phone, fax, Web site and E-mail addresses, budget category, type of event and seating capacity. In addition, through advertising, over 10,000 artists are indexed in the alphabetical and categorical indices. Categories include artist managers, orchestras, opera companies, concert series, festivals, competitions, music schools and departments, record companies, facilities, services and products and more.
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Submitted on: Jul 31, 2002


North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents (NAPAMA)  Popular
Description: Not-for-profit association dedicated to promoting the professionalism of its members and the vitality of the performing arts. NAPAMA promotes the mutual advancement and the best interests of performing arts managers and agents; promotes open discourse among members and with the larger field; gives active consideration and expression of opinion on questions affecting the industry; disseminates and exchanges information through forums, meetings, publications, workshops, electronic media and new technologies; develops and encourages ethical and sound business practices. In all ways, NAPAMA acts as a resource for its members and creates an environment of regional, national and international alliances on behalf of the vitality of the performing arts.
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Submitted on: Aug 01, 2002


WOMEX – the World Music Expo  Popular
Description: WOMEX is "The most important international professional market of world music of every kind. This international fair brings together professionals from the worlds of folk, roots, ethnic and traditional music and also includes concerts, conferences and documentary films. It contributes to networking as an effective means of promoting music and culture of all kinds across frontiers." UNESCO Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity
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Submitted on: Apr 16, 2010