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Art Career Network  Popular
Description: The complete resource for visual arts careers on your site.
The services of the site are 100% FREE to job seekers.
At Art Network, we see beyond simply "art jobs" and offer a complete resource for the living, growing careers of visual arts professionals. We help at any stage of a career - from entry level to senior management.
Hits: 4684
Submitted on: Aug 04, 2002


Art Job Online  Popular
Description: Whether you're looking for a new job, or just want to understand what's happening in the arts field, ArtJob is the place to find comprehensive, up-to-date national and international listings of arts employment and other opportunities. ArtJob opportunities are updated as they arrive, providing you with daily access to exciting, dynamic, nationwide opportunities in the arts field. ArtJob is the source for professional opportunities and key information in all areas of the arts, including: Presenting, Producing, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Academic, Internships & Fellowships, Conferences, and Commissions.
Hits: 8790
Submitted on: Apr 09, 2003


Arts Hub (Australia)  Popular
Description: The recruiting portal for Australian arts workers. One of the most advanced services in that field. Arts Hub provides a portal for British arts workers, too.
Hits: 3754
Submitted on: Mar 14, 2003


Arts Hub (UK)  Popular
Description: Arts Hub is the new generation in cultural industry information. Arts Hub is also available for Australian arts workers.
Hits: 6674
Submitted on: Feb 09, 2004


Arts Management Job Market Germany  Popular
Description: Kulturmanagement Stellenmarkt is Germany's leading job market for arts managers and all professionals in the creative industries.
Hits: 5850
Submitted on: Aug 23, 2007


Artsboard  Popular
Description: An employment bulletin for the arts published monthly by the PACT Communications Centre (PCC). The PCC furthers the communications aims of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres, the national service and trade association representing English-language professional theatre in Canada since 1976. Hosted by the Center for Cultural Management at the University of Waterloo ON, Canada.
Hits: 2173
Submitted on: Apr 09, 2003


Artsearch  Popular
Description: The essential source for careers in the arts in the US, provided by the Theatre Communications Group
Hits: 1748
Submitted on: Mar 16, 2008  Popular
Description: The website offers English and Dutch information about doing business in the fields of music, theatre, dance, visual arts, architecture, design, TV and film, and letters.
Hits: 1552
Submitted on: Jan 08, 2007


CEC ArtsLink  Popular
Description: CEC ArtsLink is an international arts service organization. The programs support exchange of artists and cultural managers in the United States with their counterparts in Central Europe, Russia and Eurasia.
Hits: 2887
Submitted on: May 24, 2006


Centre for Creative Business  Popular
Description: The Centre for Creative Business is to educate through its own business courses, mentoring schemes, conferences, events, business networking clubs and media for creative industries.
Hits: 2602
Submitted on: Jan 08, 2007


Cortex Cultureemploi  Popular
Description: CORTEX is primarily a European job exchange for all sectors connected with cultural administration, management and mediation. Its aim is to put job seekers and employers in contact with one another, using the skills the former possess and the latter are looking for. But the server CORTEX also offers an internship exchange, a bank of courses in cultural professions in Europe, along with a library of reports on internships, made by students at the end of their courses. Entirely free of charge , this service is supported by the European Union (programme Leonardo da Vinci), by the French ministers responsible for culture and higher education and by the Region of Burgundy. It is on-line thanks to a special partnership with the magazine Télérama. CORTEX was conceived and realised by Art+Université+Culture, a non-profit making organisation. Since its establishment in 1990, A+U+C has been devoted to promoting cultural activity in universities and to encourage employers to take artistic and cultural activities into account in giving students employment. A magazine, publishing books, organising meetings and conferences: all A+U+C's activities are available through the server CORTEX.
Hits: 2976
Submitted on: Jul 31, 2002


Gig Online  Popular
Description: Gig Online highlights a range of employment opportunities. It is a source of information on artist management, recording services, instrument loan / rental schemes, financial matters, legal and policy management.
Hits: 2707
Submitted on: Feb 16, 2007


Museum Employment Center  Popular
Description: The Museum Employment Resource Center lists jobs and other information related to the museum, heritage management, and cultural resource communities.
Hits: 3823
Submitted on: Mar 12, 2003


Museum Job Resources Online  Popular
Description: This site provides links to various museum employment resources. It is meant as an aid to those seeking employment with museums, science centres, and cultural/heritage organizations.
Hits: 1991
Submitted on: Mar 14, 2003


Museum Jobs Online  Popular
Description: Museum Jobs is the most visited employment site for jobs across the international museum community. They have now served up job adverts over half a million times.
Hits: 6024
Submitted on: Nov 05, 2002


National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture  Popular
Description: News of interest to the media arts field, with a focus on organizational happenings of US national relevance. Located in San Francisco, CA.
Hits: 3660
Submitted on: Feb 27, 2003


PEARLE  Popular
Description: Created in 1991, Pearle* is the European League of Employers' Associations in the Performing Arts sector. Pearle* represents more than 3,000 employers from theatres, theatre production companies, orchestras and music ensembles, opera houses, ballet and dance companies, festivals, and other organisations within the performing arts sector.

Pearle* acts as a forum for exchanging information of relevance to members, for sharing experiences in cultural management and technical skills, for supporting and assisting the formation of employers' associations in the Central and Eastern European Countries…., in addition to serving as the body to make representations to the European Commission and any other authorities whose deliberations may affect the work of the Performing Arts in Europe.
Hits: 2591
Submitted on: Nov 16, 2003


Profil Culture  Popular
Description: Le site emploi formation des métiers de la culture et de la communication - a job market for people working in the culture and media sector in France.
Hits: 1874
Submitted on: Apr 01, 2008


Skillset  Popular
Description: Skillset is the Sector Skills Council in UK for the Audio Visual Industries (broadcast, film, video, interactive media and photo imaging). It conducts consultation work with industry, publish esresearch and strategic documents, runs funding schemes and project work, and provides information about the challenges that face the industry.
Hits: 1362
Submitted on: Feb 13, 2007


Theatre Jobs Online  Popular
Description: is the complete source for employment in the entertainment industry. On-line database including 100's of ads in all fields of theatre. As a subscriber you can check out the ads, post your resumé and/or portfolio, and contact potential employers. is also a tremendous resource for employers. As an employer subscriber you will be able to place unlimited ads each year, receive automatic notice when someone accesses your ad, and review resumés, portfolios, production photos, and letters of recommendation of prospective employees. A direct link can also be set up to your website.
Hits: 2952
Submitted on: Nov 05, 2002


Work in Culture (Canada)  Popular
Description: Cultural Careers Council Ontario (CCCO) addresses human resources and career development needs and issues for Ontario's arts and culture community.
Hits: 2105
Submitted on: Aug 01, 2007


[a-n] The Artists Information Company  Popular
Description: Located in Newcastle, UK, [a·n] provides information, advice and debate for visual and applied artists. It is a not-for-profit company, run by artists for artists. [a-n] has three main activities: the monthly [a-n] Magazine providing professional interaction,information, news and networking for artists, web sites with information for potential and existing artists, and those wanting to work with artists, and a programme supporting the professional development of individual artists and networks in the North of England.
Hits: 2279
Submitted on: Apr 09, 2003